1. Monoprice Tablet

    Ok, I got mine in the mail finally!!!  For those of you seriously confused, I ordered a monoprice tablet a couple of days ago due to some surprisingly excellent reviews and people raving about how it’s much better than a wacom intuos, bla bla.

    And yes, monoprice tablets are those random cheaper ‘knock-off’ brand sort of tablets.

    BUT, I love it (so far).  The reason for this post is the ONE con I can think of - installing the driver software.  If you don’t do it right, and don’t take the necessary steps to prepare your PC before even plugging the thing in, it won’t work like it should.

    Before I continue, I’m working on a homebuilt pc (amd athlon II quad-core processor (3 Ghz), 4 gigs of RAM, and nvidia geforce 550, running Windows 7 as 32bit, OK OK TMI, BUT I LOVE MY PC).

    So here’s what I did (for those who have also heard of monoprice and are interested, or having trouble):

    1. Don’t plug in anything tablet-related, don’t even put in the Monoprice Installation CD, JUST DON’T.

    2. Hit your Start Menu and type in the search bar “change device installation settings.”  It should pop up as an option, so then you click it.

    3. Select the “No, let me” option, and then select “Never install driver software from Windows Update.”

    Windows Update actually does have a tendency to select drivers that aren’t the best match or most compatible.  Also, most things you plug into your PC have drivers available and easy to find online.

    4. Next, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features

    5. Uninstall ANYTHING TABLET RELATED.  This means your Wacom tablet program and drivers and all that.  Windows may prompt you to restart after each driver/feature you uninstall, but I usually select “restart later” until I’ve gotten to the last one.  Then I restart.

    I’m pretty sure the Monoprice Tablet driver fights with other drivers, or just is ignored if Wacom drivers are installed as well.  ALSO, now that you’ve insured Windows Update won’t automatically find ‘newer’ drivers for your Monoprice, you can be sure that the driver you install from the CD will be the one it’s using, and the most compatible one.

    6. Once your PC has restarted and is awake again, insert the Monoprice Installation CD.  DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR TABLET.

    7. Follow the instructions to install the Driver(s).  You’re also going to have to restart your system again once it’s finished installing.

    8. NOW you can plug in your tablet, and it should work with both Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI.

    Hope that helps anyone having trouble.  c:

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